10 Tips for Hassle-Free Move

    So you have finally decided to move, you have found a new place and already set to move in.
    Moving can be both a exhilarating and stressful experience. Sure, you are excited and glad to be moving into a perhaps better house and neighborhood but you are at a wit’s end on where and what to start packing.

    Read on and find out how you can prepare for a smooth and stress-free moving day.

    1. Pick a date. Make sure you choose moving date that suits you and your schedule. Moving cannot be rushed so moving on a weekend is generally a good idea so you will have enough time to get settled before going back to your normal routine on Monday.
    2. Get organized early. Avoid doing everything last minute. Schedule everything as much as possible two months in advance including the movers and transportation. This will also give you time to prepare and avoid doing everything in one go by accomplishing some moving tasks week per week.
    3. Make checklists. Take note of your To-dos by making lists. Pen and paper will do or use checklists applications of your smartphones. Also very helpful are productivity websites like Remember the Milk.
    4. Make an inventory
    5. 1. Decide what you’ll bring with you during the move, what you will leave behind. Make sure you have a detailed inventory of what you are bringing with you to save you from headache when looking for things you did not bring with you.

    6. Make piles. Now it’s time to start piling stuff up. Create a pile for things you will keep, another pile for things you will donate, another pile for stuff to sell, and still another pile for trash.
    7. Put together a packing kit. Organize a kit complete with essentials for packing: boxes, bags, packaging tape, tape dispenser, marker, newspaper, pens, scissors, and cutter.
    8. Pack them. Pack your things in boxes and bags. Reuse boxes from your previous purchases. Grab some boxes for free at grocery stores and supermarkets. Don’t pack all heavy things in one box. Smaller boxes are easier to carry.
    9. Protect your valuables. Make sure that you insure all your valuables as well as breakables if you are using a moving company. This will give you a peace of mind. Also make sure you find a safe place to store very important items when you move, keep them close to you.
    10. Label everything. Labeling is very important during packing and moving. Label all sides of all your boxes with a marker so you can easily find what you need in the stack of boxes.
    11. Pick the right transportation. If you are moving just a short distance, you can make several trips and the size of the car may not matter. But if you are moving far, you need the right size of car to pack all your things in one go.