A Single’s Guide in Finding Your First Home

    Singlehood is the best time to explore around and try out new things. It is the best time to get in touch with your real side and be comfortable with yourself before diving into the world of parental obligation. Since you are already on the starting point of being financially independent, it would be wise if you start on making a real estate investment. If you think that it is too early to do so, then think again. In fact, the Joint Center for Housing Studies has found out that singles are one of the biggest homebuyers in United States.

    Balancing your finances

    Finances will always be the major consideration if you are planning to invest. Listing prices are not the only thing to be considered but insurance premiums, property taxes, repairs and maintenance, mortgage, and utility bills as well. All of this may seem scary but rest assured that investing early will allow your property to have a higher value if you decide to sell it out in the future.

    What’s important is that you work within your budget. Do not be afraid of just getting a small house. After all, that is exactly what you need since you are just on your own. Think about looking for alternative dwelling places as well such as co-ops, townhouses or condominiums if a house is still not within your grasp.

    Get some help

    In order for you to gauge how much you can shell out, then you might want to talk to a financial adviser or an accountant. A real estate agent also can also help you in your quest for your new home. You may have to pay him a few thousands of dollars but it will be worth it in the end because you can be sure that all the legalities have been taken care of. You may also enlist the help of your other single friends who had gone through the same venture so you can gain insights and insider tips on how investing in an estate should be done.

    Be aware of the legalities

    Browsing through the basic buying or landlord-tenant guidelines will probably save you from a lot of headaches in the future. Another thing that you should never forget when you are dealing is to always leave paper trail. That way, you can have something to reference to when problems arise. Be careful when you are getting a loan because it might be a scam. Do not be naïve, due diligence must be given especially when money is involved nowadays.