When the News is Bad, What Do You Do?

    We recently had a house flood when a tenant flushed a feminine product down the toilet. The daylight basement was totally flooded and we immediately had to call out ServePro a professional water extraction expert.

    7 Ways You Can Attract New Property Owners

    Acquiring new owners is essential to any growing property management business. Owners are looking for management companies that will make their lives easier and give them confidence that their properties are in the right hands.

    10 Tips for Hassle-Free Move

    So you have finally decided to move, you have found a new place and already set to move in.
    Moving can be both a exhilarating and stressful experience.

    A First-Time Renter’s Guide

    Congratulations on your decision to rent. Renting as compared to buying a house has its advantages. It offers you flexibility that fits your lifestyle and freedom from financial investment and huge maintenance costs.

    A Single’s Guide in Finding Your First Home

    Singlehood is the best time to explore around and try out new things. It is the best time to get in touch with your real side and be comfortable with yourself before diving into the world of parental obligation.

    Avoid These Top House Hunting Mistakes

    Shopping for a house is an exciting proposition. Who doesn’t love shopping, right? Buying a house is an important decision that can impact your life now and in the future so it should be taken seriously.